Wynn Phillips
Name Wynn Phillips
Marital Status Single
Actor Rachel Melvin
First Appearance Carrot or Stick

Wynn Phillips was one of the three women Robert Chase had sex with during Sanford Wells' wedding party. Wynn was played by actress Rachel Melvin.

During the episode Carrot or Stick, someone hijacked Chase's social media account and posted a doctored nude photo of him. Chase realized it had to be one of the three women he slept with.

Chase approached Sanford Wells in the cafeteria and asked about one of the women, saying he wanted to get back in touch with her. Wells immediately realized he was talking about Wynn, who was his niece. He immediately e-mailed Chase her contact information. He was less pleased when Chase asked for the names and contact information of two other women he had met as well.

Working with Chris Taub, they realized that whoever took the picture of Chase was most likely shorter than Taub. This made Wynn the prime suspect. However, when Chase went over to confront her, she denied it was her and said she was more than happy it happened and wanted it to happen again.

However, Chase was a little freaked out by Wynn because she had pictures of cats all over her apartment. Nevertheless, he felt the only way to get out of her apartment was to sleep with her again.

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