Name Judge Winter
Occupation Judge
Actor Victor Raider-Wexler
First Appearance DNR

Judge Winter was the judge who presided over the hearing that House requested to rescind John Henry Giles's do not resuscitate order in the Season 1 episode DNR. He was portrayed by actor Victor Raider-Wexler.

Judge Winter was impressed by the argument made by House's lawyer that John Henry had to be kept alive pending House's assault trial. However, the outcome was still uncertain. At that point, House stood up and interrupted. Judge Winter told him to sit down, but House insisted and asked if Judge Winter had a family history of heart disease because his fingers looked clubbed which is an early sign. Judge Winter looked at his fingers and became distracted, but soon ruled in House's favor.

House later admitted to Wilson that he didn't really notice clubbing, but figured that all families have a history of heart disease and that would be enough to make House look like a caring and competent physician.