Name Wendy
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Actor Veronica Leigh
First Appearance The Socratic Method

This article is about the clinic patient in The Socratic Method. For Eric Foreman's girlfriend, see Nurse Wendy.

Wendy was an average looking young clinic patient in the Season 1 episode The Socratic Method. She is the daughter of Terri, a stylish woman. She was portrayed by actress Veronica Leigh.

Terri brought Wendy to the clinic on the pretext that she had strep throat. Gregory House examined Wendy and found no indication that she had strep, but her mother insisted on the test and House gave in and took a swab for testing.

A few hours later, he returned with the test results, which were negative as he suspected. He told the mother and tried to leave, but at that time she asked for Dr. House to help her convince Wendy not to get an ice cream cake for her upcoming birthday party. Terri though sugar was bad for Wendy and wanted Dr. House to tell Wendy that the cake was bad for her. Dr. House seemed to start to comply, but he then started listing a number of conditions that obviously could not be caused by sugar consumption. Terri started to object, but when she did he turned to Wendy and told her that what her mother really wanted was for her to be slim and pretty like her mother so people could compliment Terri on how pretty her daughter was. He said that was because Terri was desperate not to look older and hoped one day someone would tell her that she couldn't be old enough to be Wendy's mother. He then left the room and told Terri to "buy the kid the damn cake".

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