Warner Fitch
Name Warner Fitch
Occupation Baseball coach
Actor Art LaFleur
First Appearance Sports Medicine

Warner Fitch was the coach and mentor of Hank Wiggen in the Season 1 episode Sports Medicine. He was portrayed by actor Art LaFleur.

After Hank was hospitalized, Warner was a frequent visitor.

When Hank took a sudden turn for the worse, Dr. Gregory House tracked down Fitch to see if he had any relevant information. However, he noticed Fitch's fingers were clubbed, a sign of heart disease. He asked Fitch what he took for it and whether he could see the medication. Fitch took out digoxin, but noted that he didn't have as many pills as he thought. House realized that Hank had swiped the pills in a suicide attempt and the new symptoms were due to digoxin poisoning.

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