In House M.D. - Critical Cases a ward favor is one of the resources needed to advance in game play.  They start being required in round 3.  In the early rounds, only one is required to complete a stage, but in the last rounds, up to eight may be required to complete a stage.

A ward favor is obtained by sending a Clinic Patient to the ward, treating them with three different Supplies and having a specialist see them.  Each specialist can only treat one ward patient a day.  If a player has a friend join them, the specialist can only immediately treat a patient associated with the specialists "speciality" or color.  If a specialist friend treats another color, there is a 4 hour delay before the treatment is effective.  

The player is given one "wild card" specialist that can be used on any ward patient in the early rounds, identified as Chris Taub.  As the player rises through levels, they are eventually given a total of four others identified by Eric ForemanRobert ChaseThirteen and James Wilson.

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