Vincent Lambert
Name Vincent Lambert
Marital Status Married to Charlotte Lambert
Actor Peter Birkenhead
First Appearance Clueless

Vincent Lambert was a clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Clueless. He was portrayed by actor Peter Birkenhead.

Vincent came to the clinic because he had sores on his groin and was seen by Gregory House. Dr. House quickly diagnosed Vincent with herpes. Dr. House told him he had to contact all his sexual contacts. However, Vincent claimed the only woman he had sex with in the past twenty years was his wife Charlotte and he was sure she was faithful as well. However, Dr. House started quizzing Vincent about the men in her life and came to the conclusion she was probably sleeping with her kid's karate teacher. He advised Vincent to have the karate teacher come in for testing as well.

However, Charlotte soon came to the clinic to confront Dr. House and, not finding him there, told Lisa Cuddy that she was not sleeping with her children's karate teacher. Dr. Cuddy realized who was responsible for spreading the suspicion and confronted Dr. House to meet with the couple to work things out between them.

Although Dr. House tried to dodge the meeting, he was eventually confronted by Dr. Cuddy and met with the couple in Dr. Cuddy's office. They both denied having sex with other people and accused the other of doing so. Dr. Cuddy explained that although they had both been infected, they couldn't possibly tell which one had infected the other. However, Dr. House asked if either of them used public toilets. When they both admitted they had, Dr. House intimated you could catch the disease from a toilet seat. When Dr. Cuddy tried to correct this outrageous lie, Dr. House cut her off and asked both of them if that's what could have happened. Vincent said it sounded plausible, but Charlotte said it was ridiculous. Dr. House quickly came to the conclusion that Vincent was cheating - he was too eager to grasp at any explanation that would excuse his infidelity, but his wife was certain that the explanation was implausible. With the truth out and Charlotte arranging her husband all the way out of the hospital, Dr. Cuddy was suitably impressed with Dr. House's investigative skills and Dr. House walked off in triumph.

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