Name Vincent
Occupation Cafeteria worker
Actor Reggie De Leon
First Appearance Selfish

Vincent is one of the workers in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital's cafeteria. He is portrayed by actor Reggie De Leon.

Vincent works doing food preparation. He is seen briefly in the episode Selfish. James Wilson is impressed that Gregory House is in the cafeteria nibbling on a salad. House claims to be eating more healthily, but Vincent comes by with a full plate of french fries and apologizes to House about the fryer beign temporarily out of service. Vincent asks House if he wants to finish his salad, but House replies he has no idea whose it is and digs into the fries.

Vincent is also seen in the Nurse Jeffrey episodes, episode 1, where Jeffrey tries to get him to implicate House in the theft of hospital property. In fact, House was trying to scam a Reuben sandwich and claimed that Vincent had prepared it improperly by adding pickles.