Vince (Parents)
Name Vince
Occupation Ankle tracker technician
Actor Jack N. Harding
First Appearance Parents

For other characters named "Vince" or "Vincent", see Vince (disambiguation)

Vince is the man who attempted to remove House's tracking anklet in the Season 8 episode Parents.  He was portrayed by actor Jack N. Harding.

House was desperate to get rid of his anklet so he could attend a prize fight with Wilson.  He found Vince in an ad and told him to meet him at the hospital.

While House's team watched, Vince started fooling around with the anklet.  He explained to House that the anklet responded to the body heat of the person wearing it, and all he had to do was slip his foot out and put in a heating blanket to fool the device into thinking it was still attached to a human being.  However, while he worked on the device, he set off the anti-tampering alarm.  He grabbed his tools and ran out of the room.  However, House was more quick witted and headed off for a nearby whirlpool bath and then acted surprised when the tracking company showed up and found the device immersed in water.

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