Vicellous Reon Shannon
Biographical Information
Born April 11, 1971
Birthplace Memphis, TN
Gender Male
Years Active 1991-Present
Role Carnell Hall
Season Season 2
Episode Daddy's Boy

Vicellous Reon Shannon is an American actor. He portrayed recent Princeton University graduate Carnell Hall in the Season 2 episode Daddy's Boy.

Shannon's career started in 1991 with a guest appearance on MacGyver. Since then, he has appeared as the younger version of Roc (otherwise played by Charles S. Dutton) on the Fox series Roc, as James in D2: The Mighty Ducks, as Lestra Martin in The Hurricane, as James in Dancing in September, and perhaps more importantly as Lt. Lamar T. Archer, one of two black officers in a prisoner of war camp in Hart's War.

Connections Edit

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