Very Hot Woman
Name Very Hot Woman
Marital Status Single
Actor Allison Ochmanek
First Appearance Unwritten
Very Hot Woman was Chase's date in the Season 7 episode Unwritten.  She was portrayed by actress Allison Ochmanek.

When House admits Alice Tanner on a psychiatric hold, he realizes he will have limited time to treat her.  He pages his team, who are all off-duty, and gives Foreman and Taub orders to observe her and run tests.  When they ask why Chase isn't being given anything to do, House tells them that neither of them showed up with a "smokin' hot babe" and then he glances at the hospital entrance.   They all turn and see Very Hot Woman waiting outside.  She waves at Chase who smiles broadly and waves back.

The next morning, Chase apologizes that they had to stay up all night, but brags by saying he didn't get much sleep either.  

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