Name Vanessa
Marital Status Single
Actor Liza Snyder
First Appearance Transplant

Vanessa was the patient awaiting a lung transplant from Stevie Weathers in the Season 8 episode Transplant. Her sister is Theresa. She was portrayed by actress Liza Snyder.

Vanessa was Wilson's patient as she had recovered from breast cancer several years before. However, because of complications, her lungs were failing and she needed a transplant. She was a match for Stevie and was slated to receive his lungs, but when they realized Stevie's lungs weren't functioning correctly, she had to be moved to intensive care.

She was suffering from severe angina and was put on nitroglycerine to keep her comfortable. However, the nitroglycerine started affecting her kidneys and the drug had to be discontinued. Soon, she couldn't absorb enough oxygen through her lungs and Wilson recommended they fill her lungs with an oxygen rich slurry. However, when she found out how painful that would be, she refused treatment even though it would mean she would die before she could possibly get a transplant. Wilson and Theresa tried to talk her into it to no avail.

Wilson went to tell House that Vanessa wouldn't need the lungs, but House confronted Wilson about his inability to get Vanessa to agree to treatment. Wilson was angry at first, but realized he had options he hadn't explored. He called Vanessa's old boyfriend Bobby and tricked him into thinking Vanessa wanted him there. When everyone discovered his deception and Theresa insisted that Bobby leave because he had been drinking, Wilson reminded them that when Vanessa was refusing treatment for her cancer, Bobby was the one who got her to continue. He asked Bobby to help again and he convinced Vanessa to accept treatment.

Eventually, Stevie's lungs were treated and Vanessa got her transplant. The operation was a success.

Character page at IMDB

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