While I'm waiting for the new season of House (September 21 on FOX and Global!), my main focus will be on creating case histories for all the primary patients in each episode. I've got about 90 episodes of House on my PVR and my goal is to do one every two days. Obviously, some of my compatriots are doing some as well. Case histories take me a long time to write - about an hour to 90 minutes each, with a lot of rewinding! As such, I'm not usually working on anything else in the meantime.

If you find any errors in the case histories (and you will), please just correct them! This is a wiki and the rule is "correct, don't criticize". I am not a medical type person (my background is law) and as such I will not be familiar with every term in each case history. Also, Omar Epps doesn't ennunciate :-) I will get around to correcting them eventually, but as I usually start late at night, by the time I finish it's too late for me to check the details.

After all the patients are finished, I will be working on all the primary diagnoses. Most have articles already, but some don't, and some of them are just stubs. However, that's not going to happen any time soon.

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