Many thanks to Nerdfightergirl for alerting me to some spam content last month. As a result of the Instant Karma rule, she got first choice at the featured article this month. I appreciate that she got back to me so quicky as well and chose the Season 1 episode Maternity . Please help us work on the article this month to bring it to featured article status. 

Remember, you can choose the featured article too. All you have to do is be the Most Valuable Editor (or at least one of them). Any help is appreciated, like correcting typos or expanding stubs. 

Also, Nerdfightergirl told me that there is a personal messaging feature on Wikia. I did not know this! But fear not! I will be on the Telex to Wikia as soon as I get the steam generator up and running again!SteveHFisyh (talk) 02:36, July 3, 2015 (UTC)

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