Tony's Stepmom
Name Tony's Stepmom
Marital Status Married
Occupation Housewife
Actor Brianna Konefall
First Appearance Sex Kills
Tony's Stepmom was the very young stepmother of clinic patient Tony in the Season 2 episode Sex Kills.

Tony is very uncomfortable around his stepmother who is an extremely attractive woman who is only a few years older than him. She dresses in skimpy clothing (typically a bikini) and always offers to give him neck rubs. Tony goes to the clinic to try to get depo-provera to try to eliminate his sex drive, but House keeps questioning his motives. After claiming to need the drug to treat his attraction to cows, House does tests to find out he eats beef and asks him what is really going on. He pulls out a picture of his stepmother (really, actress Brianna Konefall) and explains his dilemma. House agrees to give him the drug until he can move out of the house to go to college.

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