Name Tom
Marital Status Married to Julia
Actor Rob Evors
First Appearance Open and Shut

Tom is the husband of Julia, the patient in the Season 6 episode Open and Shut. He is the father of Evelyn. He was portrayed by actor Rob Evors.

Tom and Julia are in an open marriage and are allowed to freely sleep with other people. Tom is first seen when he interrupts Julia when she is with her lover Damien in order to get her to sign a permission slip. He leaves, but is soon called back when Julia falls ill.

He accompanies her to the hospital. When the team attempt to find out his recent sexual history, he admits he hasn't had sex with anyone but his wife in the past year.

Cuddy learns that their insurance has expired and the team confronts Tom about it. He admits that he lost their life savings investing in a solar energy business. House realizes this is why Tom hasn't confronted Julia about her continuing to enjoy the open marriage.