Timmy Morgan
Name Timmy Morgan
Age About 10
Occupation Student
Actor Matthew Haddad
First Appearance Two Stories

Timmy Morgan 'was the big movie fan in the Career Day class in the Season 7 episode Two Stories. He was portrayed by actor Matthew Haddad.

House tries to embellish his exploits by taking elements from well known movies. However, Tommy, despite his youth, has very adult taste in movies and recognizes his initial story as being straight out of Pulp Fiction. As House goes on, Timmy continues to point out that House is using lines and descriptions straight out of other classic movies, and even goes on to disambiguate when there might be a question about which version of a movie House is stealing from.

When House describes the experience to Zachary Taylor and Colleen later on, they immediately peg the kid involved as Timmy, saying he is "obsessed with old movies". House strongly objects by insisting that Pulp Fiction, released in 1994, could not possibly be classified as an "old movie" even though it was released well before either Zachary or Colleen was born.