The Nerve of That Guy is case #16 in House M.D. - Critical Cases

Ken Walton, a 40 year old internet pundit, collapses after one of his webcass with unexplained shooting pain in his hips and back.  He demand to be treated by Gregory House, but because of a flu epidemic House only has Foreman and his intern to work with.

After a differential, House orders a blood analysis.  After using $1,100 of the budget, 20 body meds and 10 IV bags, they find a borderline sciatic notch, but no sign of arthritis.  This rules out shingles.

A further blood analysis, 3 ward favors, $1,100 of the budget and 15 gland meds, they can rule out psoriatic arthritis type I

A round of imaging, together with 10 tongue depressors  5 ward favors and 20 heart meds, they find no spinal stenosis, ruling out lumbar spinal stenosis.

More imaging plus 10 oxygen masks, 3 ward favors and $1,100 of the budget shows that his prostate is healthy, ruling out prostate cancer.

House decides to treat for piriformis sciatica.  The massage and anti-inflammatories use 15 thermometers, 5 ward favors adn 35 head meds.  Hoewver, the patient doesn't feel much improvement, and soon has developed chest pain which spreads all over his body.  He first demands that the doctors not use any painkillers despite his tachycardia, but when the pain gets worse, he finally agrees.

Walton goes code blue and has to be defibrillated.

Suspecting drugs, House orders more blood analysis, but after using 30 chem meds, 6 ward favours and another $1,100 of the budget, they find no traces of drugs, ruling out drug addiction.

More imaging plus 15 syringes, 6 ward favors and 15 body meds rules out brain cancer.

House decides to treat for multiple sclerosis with 45 head meds and another $1,100 of budget.  However, Walton keeps feeling worse.  He threatens House, telling him that if he does not find the problem within 24 hours, he will destroy him through his webcast.

Walton goes code blue again, and once again has to be defibrillated.

Running out of possibilities, House decides to do an environmental scan of Walton's office.  After reviewing Walton's computer records, using 30 chem meds and another $1,100 of the budget, he can rule out multiple sclerosis.

House finds out that walson has been seeing a dominatrix, Miss Scara.  He phones her and finds out Walton had a session just before his webcast where Scara inflicted pain on him.  He realizes Walton has a sodium feedback loop and treats him with 6 ward favors, $1,200 in budget and 20 oxygen masks.

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