Characters Main characters Protagonist

  • Tim Kearny is a DEA marine corps and is the main protagonist and he is played by Paul Walker

Main character

  • Tad Gruzca is a Federal agent who is working for Drug Lord Bobby Z and he is the main character and Is played by Laurence Fishburne


  • Elizabeth is Bobby Z's Girlfriend and she is the main deuteragonist and played by Olivia Wilde.


  • Bobby Z is the drug lord's son and he is owned by Don Huertero who is a Mexican drug lord and he is the antagonist and he is played by Jason Lewis

Major characters

  • Don Huertero is the Mexican Drug Lord and he is a Mexican Drug Lord and is later killed by Tad Gruzca and he is played by Joaquin de Almedia.
  • Kit is the friend of Brian's and he is along with Brian and he is played by J.R. Villarreal.
  • Brian Cervill is a friend of Tim's and he is a friend of Tim Kearney who helps and he is played by Jason Flemyng.
  • Johnson is a goon and he is Along running with Olivia and is he is killed later and he is played by Keith Carradine.
  • Jorge Escobar is a plane hostage and he is remained strength and he is killed and he is played by Jacob Vargas.
  • Duke is a friend of Elizabeth and he is played by Michael

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