This is the bus crash in House's Head  that caused multiple injuries and the events leading to Amber's Death.  
Amber 4

Amber right before the garbage truck hits the bus


Before The AccidentEdit

Amber and House had just boarded the bus to go home. Amber sneezed and suspected the flu was coming on. She took out a bottle of Amantadine and ingested two tablets. About 2 or 3 seconds later, a garbage truck slams into the side of the bus where Amber was sitting. Many passengers were screaming and being thrown over. Amber's bag was flung over. The bus driver had a myoclonic jerk while spinning the wheel to regain composure of the bus. The bus then slammed into another incoming vehicle which caused it to start sliding on its side. The passengers heads were all thrown on the ground violently with their bodies. House's cane then flung over from the change in position. Amber and House attempted to hold hands before they hit into another object. They held hands but slipped. They then tried again, but the bus had already slammed into another vehicle. All the passengers were all unconscious.

Response to AccidentEdit

The Aftemath 1

A response team had arrived at the accident site. Some passengers began to awake. When House woke up and saw Amber, he saw that the holding rail was in her leg and she was going into shock. He then used her scarf as a tourniquet to prevent her from going into full shock. He then reassured her to stay awake before he collapsed. He woke up again with no movement due to him being weak at the moment. He saw Amber being taken out by paramedics out of the bus. He then fell unconscious. When he awoke, he had a concussion with no memory of what occurred. He then preceded to leave the bus with a paramedic examining him with blood on his hands. House then went to a strip club with no memory of what occurred.


Victims with minor injuries were sent to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital while those with major injuries were sent to Princeton General.

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