Name Taddy
Marital Status Single
Occupation Investment banker
Actor Wil Horneff
First Appearance Daddy's Boy

Taddy was Carnell Hall's friend at Princeton University. He was portrayed by actor Wil Horneff.

While trying to find out the source of Carnell's illness, he finally admits he spent spring break in Jamaica rather than studying like he told his father. The doctors realize they need to speak to the people Carnell travelled with. Carnell tells them that Taddy paid for his plane ticket down. He didn't want his father to know because his father disapproved of receiving gifts from the rich kids he went to school with.

Allison Cameron is sent to New York City to see Taddy. He assures her that he and Carnell haven't had sex or any intimate contact and, that although they were roommates and sat next to each other on the plane, they didn't spend much time together. The only complaint he has is a rash on his thigh. Cameron insists on seeing it, but someone breaks into Taddy's office to see him while she's examining him. Cameron can't identify the rash but asks Taddy to come to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for tests. However, Taddy is busy on a deal and refuses.

When Cameron returns to the hospital, Gregory House wants to know more about the rash, and is dissatisfied when Cameron can't describe it better than to compare it to a diaper rash. He tells Cameron to lie to Taddy to get him to come in.

Cameron is struggling with the moral dilemma that House has put her in and seeks advice from Lisa Cuddy. However, it soon turns out that Cameron won't have to lie - she's heard that Taddy is being rushed to the hospital because he is now much sicker and has symptoms similar to Carnell's.

House tries to question Taddy, but Taddy insists that he and Carnell didn't share drugs or sex. When House asks why Taddy paid for Carnell to go to Jamaica, he says he did it because he felt bad that on every vacation, Carnell had to work at his father's scrap yard. However, House was under the impression that the father ran a construction business and realizes Carnell and Taddy may have been exposed to a toxic piece of scrap metal.

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