Name Dr. Sykes
Occupation Prison doctor
Actor Thom Barry
First Appearance Twenty Vicodin

Dr. Sykes is the head of the prison infirmary in the Season 8 episode Twenty Vicodin. He was portrayed by actor Thom Barry.

We first see Dr. Sykes when Jessica Adams is examining Nick. When House criticizes Adams' diagnosis of gonorrhea, Sykes is the one who tells Adams that House used to be a doctor.

However, Adams soon comes to believe that Nick is really sick and that House has the key to the correct diagnosis. Against all rules, she shows House Nick's chart. However, Sykes catches them and, although he doesn't take any action against either of them, it's clear he doesn't want House to have any access to patient records.

When House finally figures out Nick's symptoms were set off by heat, he goes to Sykes and Adams and asks them to test Nick for mastocytosis. Sykes will only agree to blood tests, but House knows they will be inconclusive. He asks Sykes to give Nick five aspirin to see if it will set off anaphylactic shock. However, Sykes is afraid of a lawsuit and refuses.

House contrives to get injured so he will be sent back to the infirmary, and he goes to give Nick the aspirin himself. When the guards stop him, Adams gives Nick the aspirin himself. When nothing happens, Sykes orders House taken out and fires Adams.

However, while House is in solitary, he gets a note from Adams - "You were right".

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