Name Susan
Marital Status Divorced
Actor Missy Crider
First Appearance Role Model

Susan was a clinic patient in the Season 1 episode Role Model. She was portrayed by actress Missy Crider.

Susan first came to the clinic complaining of vaginal bleeding. Gregory House informed her she had been pregnant and had suffered a miscarriage. However, Susan told Dr. House she had not had sex in over a year. Dr. House didn't believe her and when she insisted, Dr. House suggested she start her own religion.

Later, she returns to clinic to complain about a strange spot on her neck. House diagnoses a hickey, but Susan denies having sex since her husband and she had divorced over a year before and even though they live in the same building, she ignores him every time she sees him.

Later she returns with a rash. House tells her it is a carpet burn. Susan becomes angry. House finally offers to research her brain activity while she is sleeping. It turns out that Susan is sex-somnambulist, and she used to visit her ex-husband while she was asleep. It explains why her husband thought she was sending "mixed signals". Susan promises to kill him, but House tells her that there is no way her husband could have known she was asleep and its more likely she has unresolved issues with her husband that she has to work out with him.

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