Name Stripper
Occupation Stripper
Actor Jennifer Lee Wiggins
First Appearance House's Head
Stripper was the young woman Gregory House found himself watching at the beginning of the Season 4 episode House's Head.

House finds himself in a bar watching the stripper, who is hitting him up for tips. However, House realizes he can't remember how he got to the bar. The stripper tells him he hasn't had anything to drink while he was there.

House asks the stripper to come up with five animal names to see if he can remember them. He sees he is bleeding but can't remember how he got hurt and the stripper doesn't know either. He realizes he's suffering from a concussion and amnesia. He does remember that he knows someone is going to die and when the stripper calls the bouncer, House reassures her that he isn't talking about her. He thinks he's been mugged, but the stripper tells him that can't be the case - he gave her twenty dollars. He finally walks out of the bar and sees a bus crash and realizes he was in the crash and was disoriented once he got off the wreck.