Steve Paulson
Name Dr. Steve Paulson
Occupation Neurologist
Actor Barry Pearl
First Appearance Epic Fail
Dr. Steve Paulson was one of the physicians who visited Vince Pearson in the Season 6 episode Epic Fail. He is a neurologist at St. Mark's Hospital. He was portrayed by actor Barry Pearl.

Paulson was drawn to the case by Pearson's posting of a reward on the internet. Unlike Dr. Felker, Paulson was very qualified. He wondered why Eric Foreman, who was in charge during House's absence, had not performed an MRI of Pearson's head to look for a brain tumor. Foreman insisted he didn't need one. However, when Pearson asked Thirteen, and she was non-committal, he went with the MRI because he felt Thirteen didn't have any faith in Foreman's diagnosis.

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