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Overextension of joint beyond it's physical limits


Pain, Edema, Bruising, difficulty in putting weight on joint

Mortality Rate



Immobilization, rest, occasionally surgery

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A sprain is an injury to a joint caused by its being overstretched beyond its limit capacity. It most often happens to the ankle, knee, fingers, wrist and toes. Although they can be caused by a sudden trauma, they are often caused by fatigue of the supporting muscles or by sudden physical exertion after inactivity.

Sprains are easy to diagnose, athough a physician may recommend an x-ray to insure there are no fractures.

Sprains will resolve themselves unless a ligament becomes detached. Rest, icing, compression, partial immobilization and elevation will all speed healing. Analgesics are recommended for any pain. Full immobilization (such as a cast) is not recommended as this will usually slow healing. Mild exercise is recommended once pain and swelling decrease (after 1–3 days in most cases).

To avoid sprains, a period of warming up is recommended before intense exercise such as running, and exercise should cease if fatigue sets in.

Sprain at Wikipedia

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