Sour Faced Woman
Name Sour Faced Woman
Actor Melissa Kite
First Appearance Airborne

The Sour Faced Woman was one of the three passengers that House recruited on the Singapore-New York flight to help him do a differential diagnosis on Peng in the Season 3 episode Airborne. She was portrayed by actress Melissa Kite.

House is looking for people to help him with the differential and tells the woman to act outraged at everything he says, imitating Allison Cameron. The woman immediately points out that's he's using a permanent marker on an erasable screen and House is astounded he's doing so well. In response to a later question, she asks if House is joking.

However, when the time comes to do emergency surgery on Peng, like the other members of the "team", she helps to hold down Peng while House cuts into him.

Character page at IMDB

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