Sodium feedback loop



In most cases, constant exposure to pain stimulus for prolonged periods of time.


Intense shooting pain

Mortality Rate




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The Nerve of That Guy


 A sodium feedback loop is an abnormal neurological condition caused by uncontrolled firing of nerves due to a malfunction of the normal positive feedback loop that sets off nerve impulses controlling sensation.

Nerve impulses are normally set off when sodium is absorbed into a nerve cell. This opens sodium channels in the cell which allow in more sodium. This reaction propagates down the cell to trigger the next nerve cell in the chain. 

However, in some cases, the feedback loop can continue unabated despite the absence of a normal stimulus. In most cases, this is the result of overstimulus of the nerves, creating a sensation similar to that of phantom pain. The sensation can be quite intense, requiring painkillers, and can continue for hours after the original stimulus. 

In most cases, the sensation will abide over time. Patients should be given supportive care, including electrolytes to ensure the patient has sufficient potassium

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