Eating contaminated food


Abdominal discomfort, cramps, diarrhea, fever, blood or pus in stool

Mortality Rate

Low with treatment, up to 15% in places with no medical treatment.


Fluids, including saline, ciprofloxacin where necessary

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Shigellosis is a form of food poisoning caused by the bacteria shigella. It causes diarrhea and other discomfort of the digestive tract. It can be fatal without treatment, but will self-resolve in about seven days.

Although antibiotics are used in extreme cases, they are usually ineffective as antibiotic resistance is common. The standard treatment is rest and fluids as necessary. Over-the-counter stomach remedies may be used to treat the symptoms.

The disease is very common, buy can be prevented by good hygiene practices. There are about 80 million cases per year, and the disease kills about 700,000 people a year. It is particularly common in young children and can be pandemic in places like schools and day care centers.

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