Sheriff Costello
Name Sheriff Costello
Occupation Law enforcement officer
Actor Jack Conley
First Appearance Birthmarks

Sheriff Costello was the small town sheriff who arrested House and Wilson in the episode Birthmarks. He was portrayed by actor Jack Conley.

House put his cane on Wilson's accelerator to get caught speeding in an attempt to avoid his father's funeral. However, when the Sheriff checked outstanding warrants, he found an old warrant for Wilson from Louisiana. He arrested both Wilson and House and confiscated their cell phones.

As they waited to hear back, Wilson told the story of how he and House met - it happened at the same time he got into legal trouble in New Orleans. However, Louisiana called back and did not want to spend the money to extradite Wilson. Sheriff Costello went to release them over House's protests that Wilson should be held over for speeding. However, when the Sheriff found House was supposed to be at his father's funeral, he wouldn't hold him any longer. House argued he had the right to miss his father's funeral, but Costello didn't think he did as long as his mother was still alive.

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