Seth (Frozen)
Name Seth
Marital Status Single
Occupation Mechanic
Actor Jeffrey Hephner
First Appearance Frozen

For other characters with this name, see Seth.

Seth was the station mechanic at the South Pole research station in the Season 4 episode Frozen. He was portrayed by actor Jeffrey Hephner.

At the beginning of the episode, Seth is badly injured when a blade of a wind turbine breaks off and strikes him in the thigh, severing his femoral artery. Dr. Cate Milton rushes to his aid and injects glue into the wound to cut off the flow of blood. However, she immediately suffers from severe abdominal pain and Seth realizes that she is the one who needs medical attention and gets her inside.

After Cate loses consciousness, the team contacts Seth to get him to perform procedures. The first thing they need is a urine sample. When House tells Seth he will have to taste the urine to test it and Seth agrees immediately, House realizes Seth is in love with Cate and will do whatever he's told.

Seth manages to use a catheter to get a sample and tastes it, finding it very dilute. The team then realizes Cate's unconsciousness is being caused by her ICP being too high. They convince Seth that he has to drill into Cate's skull to release the pressure. When Seth expresses reluctance, House reminds him that Cate will most likely die if he doesn't.

Foreman walks Seth through the procedure and he manages to penetrate Cate's skull with the drill. After a few seconds, she regains consciousness and the team realize they are on the right track. House finally realizes Cate has a broken toe that has led to a fat embolism. Seth helps her re-set the bone and House realizes that Cate also has feelings for Seth. House realizes he will not have any chance with Cate even though he was very attracted to her.

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