Scott (Father)
Name Scott
Marital Status Married to Claudia
Actor Thomas Mikal Ford
First Appearance Family

For the patient in Both Sides Now see Scott.

Scott was the father of Matty and Nick, the patients in the Season 3 episode Family.  He is married to Claudia.  He was portrayed by actor Thomas Mikal Ford.

Scott originally agreed to take risks with Matty's life in order to diagnose him in time to be a bone marrow donor to his brother.  However, as Matty got worse with no diagnosis, he and Claudia agreed to a 4/6 marrow match instead.  Unfortunately, this resulted in Nick getting graft versus host disease.

With both boys getting sicker and Nick seemingly unsavable, the team suggested that Nick be infected to assist in the diagnosis of Matty.  However, Scott and Claudia refused.  

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