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Phyllis Lyons
Personal Information

Research physician

Acting Information

Phyllis Lyons

First Appearance

Joy to the World

Last Appearance

The Greater Good (mentioned)


Dr. Schmidt was the doctor in charge of the clinical trial for Huntington's disease in the Season 5 episode Joy to the World. She was portrayed by actor Phyllis Lyons.

Eric Foreman was assisting on the clinical trial. When Janice Burke quit the trial because Foreman was insensitive to her nausea, Remy Hadley became angry with him because of his insensitivity. He tried to respond that he had to be objective.

However, he approached Dr. Schmidt and asked her about Janice's departure. Dr. Schmidt tried to reassure him that patients leaving the trial was normal. However, when she went on to say that it was appropriate to treat them as "numbers" not as patients, and that the reason she chose him was because working for Gregory House would have made him more objective and insensitive, he had a crisis of conscience and made sure Janice had the opportunity to join another clinical trial.

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