Sarah (prostitute)
Name Sarah
Occupation Prostitute
Actor Candace Kita
First Appearance Out of the Chute

For other characters named Sarah, see Sarah (disambiguation)

Sarah was one of the prostitutes who met Gregory House when he was staying at the hotel in Out of the Chute. She was portrayed by actress Candace Kita.

House and Sarah decided to play a prank on the hotel's friendly bellhop Carnell. House obtained a bow and arrow and  asked Sarah if she would agree to play "William Tell" - she would put an apple on her head and he would shoot it off.  Carnell tried to stop them but Sarah went along with it willingly. House pretended to shoot an arrow while Sarah pulled out an arrow shaft and put it into a bag filled with red liquid attached to her abdomen. Carnell saw the blood and started to panic while House said "Ooops". However, Sarah let it out of the bag when she soon started laughing. Carnell realized it was a prank, started to relax, and called House an ass.

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