Sandy (assistant)
Name Sandy
Occupation Physician's assistant
Actor Christina Vidal
First Appearance Wilson (episode)
Last Appearance Private Lives

Sandy is James Wilson's assistant. She appears briefly in two episodes, and in the Nurse Jeffrey episodes. She is portrayed by actress Christina Vidal.

Sandy helps keep Wilson up to date on his appointments and the status of his patients.

In Wilson, she is seen telling Wilson that one of his patients wants to see him.

In the Nurse Jeffrey episodes, Sandy is corralled by Jeffrey to tell a "funny story for a party" about Gregory House. However, Sandy likes House and tells Jeffrey that House always treats her well. The only bad thing she could say about him was that he faked a patient's drug test when the patient tested negative for narcotics when he obviously had been using them while driving. House used his own blood instead.

In Private Lives, Robert Chase decides to test the theory that people will do things for him because he's good looking. He asks Sandy if he can borrow her car even though he barely knows her. She readily agrees.

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