Samantha Campbell
Name Samantha Campbell
Marital Status Married
Occupation Pre-school teacher
Actor Clementine Ford
First Appearance Fidelity

Samantha Campbell was a clinic patient in the Season 1 episode Fidelity. She was portrayed by actress Clementine Ford.

Samantha came to the clinic because she had problems with constant fatigue. She was seen by Gregory House and after asking a few questions he learned she was very physically active as a pre-school teacher. He suspected a problem with her heart and so asked her to remove her shirt so he could use his stethoscope. She asked if she had to disrobe from the waist up, and he assured her that she only had to remove enough of her shirt to allow him access to her chest. However, when he turned around he was caught off guard - Samantha had very large breasts. He asked if they were real, and Samantha told them they were breast implants which she recently obtained as a 40th birthday present for her husband. On the pretext of needing a consult, House paged James Wilson. After Wilson arrived for a look, House ordered an EKG.

After they stepped out of the room, House and Wilson started talking about Samantha's breasts when Lisa Cuddy came along asking why two department heads were needed for a fatigue case. She wondered aloud if the complications increased with bra cup size.

Later, Cuddy tracked down House with the EKG results and told him the patient was waiting for them. Dr. House reviewed the results and went to see the patient. He asked if the patient's husband had high blood pressure. She confirmed that he did. Dr. House then asked if the husband ever prepared food for her, and she said the only thing he ever prepared was oatmeal for breakfast. Dr. House then asked if the oatmeal ever tasted a bit off. The patient got confused and wondered if her husband was trying to kill her. Dr. House said that it wasn't like that - the husband just didn't want to have sex any more. One of the side effects of beta blockers is decreased sexual desire. He figured the husband couldn't keep up with his wife and was dosing her with his medication hoping it would have the same effect on her. However, they just made her fatigued and explained her abnormal heart rate. She said she didn't believe it, but Dr. House told her that she should probably prepare her own breakfast and buy him a sweater for his next birthday.