Sam Lee
Name Sam Lee
Actor Ken Takemoto
First Appearance Alone

Sam Lee was one of Wilson's cancer patients. He became a pawn in a battle of wits between Wilson and House in the Season 4 premiere Alone. He was portrayed by actor Ken Takemoto,

House was furious that Wilson had taken his prized Gibson Flying V guitar and refused to return it until House interviewed new fellows. To put pressure on Wilson to return the guitar, he found Sam recuperating from recent treatment in one of the hospital rooms. Cleverly avoiding questions about whether he was authorized by Wilson, House moved him to another room so Wilson couldn't find him and gave him a fake identity so Wilson couldn't track him down through hospital records.

Wilson soon learned of Sam's disappearance and hunted down House. House initially refused to tell Wilson anything other than he was making sure Sam was monitored properly and that he would get his patient back when House got his guitar back. Wilson wouldn't accept that and noted that because none of the nursing staff knew Sam's true identity and medical history, they might give him the wrong medication. This gave House an epiphany about his current patient Megan Bradberry when he realized that everything about her medical history was wrong too. House immediately stopped joking around, told Wilson where Sam was, and went to go through the medical histories of the other victims of the building collapse.

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