Russ Smith
Name Russ Smith
Marital Status Single
Occupation Management consultant
Actor Joseph Culp
First Appearance Remorse
Russ Smith was Valerie's colleague and lover in the Season 6 episode Remorse. He was portrayed by actor Joseph Culp.

Smith is seen with Valerie and their boss Norris at the beginning of the episode. Russ starts vomiting and Norris thinks he is drunk.

Later, Russ does get drunk and goes to Valerie in the hospital to accuse her of poisoning him. In front of Valerie's husband Bill he tries to kiss her as well. She gets angry and throws him out.

However, the team soon learn that Valerie is a psychopath and question her about the incident. She admits to sleeping with Russ to move forward in her job and to the affair. She also admits giving him an emetic and sedative to make him look drunk in front of their boss.

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