Name Rose
Actor Amber DeMarco
First Appearance Euphoria (Part 2)

Rose was a young clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Euphoria (Part 2). She was accompanied by her mother Claire. She was portrayed by actress Amber DeMarco.

Claire brought Rose to the clinic believing she was suffering from epilepsy. They were seen by Gregory House. Claire described Rose as suffering from frequent seizures where she lost all concentration and she couldn't communicate or understand what was being said to her. Dr. House asked if Rose was sweating after the seizures and Claire said she was usually drenched. He then asked if Rose was upset by the seizures, but Claire said no, Rose usually thought they were funny. Dr. House turned down the lights in the examination room and tried to induce a seizure by flashing a light in her eyes and making high pitched noises. However, Rose's only reaction was to call Dr. House "goofy". Dr. House told her "it takes one to know one, loser" but then realized he was calling himself a loser under that rule and took it back.

As Claire discussed special programs she had learned about for epileptic children, Dr. House told her it was nothing to worry about. He had realized Rose merely had gratification disorder, the first differential diagnosis for the symptoms Rose was exhibiting. He realized Claire had looked up Rose's symptoms on the internet and come up with the epilepsy diagnosis. He tried to tell Claire that Rose had been masturbating by using a series of euphemisms, but Rose figured out what he was talking about first and started giggling. Claire realized what was going on, covered her daughter's ears to confirm what Dr. House was talking about, and then acted mortified. Dr. House told her that epilepsy would have been the horrifying diagnosis, and all that Rose needed was an explanation that this was the sort of thing one did in private. He then gave Rose a lollipop and sent her on her way.

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