Ronald Westbrook
Name Ronald Westbrook
Occupation Lawyer
Actor J.D. Jackson
First Appearance 5 to 9
Ronald Westbrook was the lawyer who represented Martin Acevedo in his lawsuit for malpractice against Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital and Robert Chase in the Season 6 episode 5 to 9. He was portrayed by actor J.D. Jackson.

Lisa Cuddy finds Westbrook in her office during a very busy day and is upset that he has come without an appointment. He tells her he's suing the hospital because the hospital did surgery on Mr. Acevedo without consent. However, Cuddy is astounded that he's upset that the surgeon, Chase, re-attached Acevedo's thumb instead of just suturing over the wound.  

After speaking to Chase, she meets Westbrook and Acevedo in her office later in the day. Upset that she has had to cancel the hospital's contract with Atlantic Net and the hospital may be short of cash, she tells them that the insurance hasn't paid her anything because of the lawsuit. She then threatens to counter-sue for the entire $80,000 bill even if it means taking Acevedo's house.

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