Name Rollo
Occupation Prisoner
Actor Nate Mooney
First Appearance Twenty Vicodin

Rollo was a weasly prisoner in the Season 8 episode Twenty Vicodin. He was portrayed by actor Nate Mooney.

After House is told he will be released in five days, word spreads quickly through the prison. House finds Rollo stealing most of his tuna and other supplies. He confronts Rollo and threatens to perform a colonoscopy on him with his cane, but Rollo knows that if House retaliates, his parole will be revoked. House allows Rollo to leave with the tuna.

However, House decides to get back at Rollo. Since Stomper has told House to leave him his stereo when he leaves, House instead hides it in Rollo's cell. When Stomper comes to House looking for it, House claims he left it in Stomper's cell and that he saw Rollo both steal it and make fun of Stomper at the same time. Stomper doesn't believe House, but when Stomper goes to Rollo's cell, he finds the stereo and the two men get into a fight. Stomper and Rollo are sent to solitary and House gets his stereo back.