Roger Spain
Name Dr. Roger Spain
Occupation Physician
Actor Ben Jelen
First Appearance Kids
Dr. Roger Spain was one of the three fellowship applicants interviewed by Gregory House to replace Allison Cameron in the Season 1 episode Kids. He was portrayed by actor Ben Jelen.

Wilson introduced Dr. Spain by telling House that Spain had graduated from both Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical School (House was a Johns Hopkins undergraduate and attended the medical school until he was expelled). In addition, like House, Spain was also a musician, playing in a rock band.  

However, House tore into Spain as a poser because of his long hair and tattoo of a Chinese character on one of his wrists. Spain said that he expected House to be more tolerant of non-conformists, but House countered that loads of people Spain's age play in bands and have Chinese character tattoos. House said real non-conformists are like Wilson and Asian students - they wear pocket protectors, study hard, and really don't care what people think about that.

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