Name Robin
Occupation Prostitute
Actor Meta Golding
First Appearance Airborne

Robin was the prostitute in the Season 3 episode Airborne. She was portrayed by actress Meta Golding.

We see Robin when she is greeted by Fran. They soon agree to a price of $1,000. Fran goes to get the money, but when she tries to hand it to Robin, Fran collapses. Robin takes the money, but decides to call 911.

Robin accompanies Fran to the hospital. Wilson examines her and finds a motion sickness patch. Thinking that is the problem, he goes to discharge her, but asks Robin if she can stay with Fran because they don't like patients going home alone. Robin is about to reluctantly agree, but Fran says she's just fine and can go. However, Fran immediately collapses again.

Fran is soon scheduled for a mammogram, and Wilson asks Robin to stay with Fran during the procedure to reassure her. Robin agrees again and she jokes with Fran while they prepare her.

However, the next time Wilson comes out, Robin admits she just met Fran that day and she has to get back to work. Wilson understands, but Robin leaves Wilson her card and asks her to call her to tell her if Fran is okay.

When Fran is diagnosed, Wilson calls Robin and tells her Fran is going to be okay. In the original network version, he asks Robin out. In the syndicated version, he merely asks if she's going to come and visit Fran again.

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