Name Robert
Actor Charles Robinson
First Appearance Humpty Dumpty

Robert is an African-American clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Humpty Dumpty. He was portrayed by actor Charles Robinson.

Robert came to the clinic for a general physical and was seen by Eric Foreman. Foreman noted he had high blood pressure and told Robert he was prescribing a medication with nitrates that has performed better with African-Americans in clinical trials. However, when Robert heard this, he became convinced that Dr. Foreman was trying to pawn off inferior medication on him. He couldn't understand how his race made a difference to the way he was treated for his condition. However, Dr. Foreman stood firm on his prescription and told him that if he wanted to make white people angry, he should have a long life and collect Social Security payments.

However, the next day, Robert returned to the clinic and was seen by Gregory House. Dr. House noted on the chart that Dr. Foreman had prescribed the correct medication and wondered why he was back. Robert insulted Dr. Foreman and said he didn't trust him - he wanted the same medicine white people got. Dr. House told him that would be a very bad choice, but Robert insisted. Dr. House finally gave in and gave him the same prescription that "Republicans" got.

However, Dr. Foreman did a follow up and confronted Dr. House about changing Robert's medication. Dr. House told him to relax - he had lied to Robert and given him exactly the same medication Forman had prescribed. However, Dr. Foreman became angry that Dr. House had lied. He told Dr. House what he did was treat black people like they couldn't be dealt with on a rational basis, and therefore it was okay to lie to them for "their own good". He went to call Robert to explain what had happened so he could see him again.

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