Rob Hartman
Name Rob Hartman
Marital Status Divorced from Edie
Actor Christopher Gartin
First Appearance Finding Judas
Rob Hartman was the father of Alice Hartman, the young patient in the Season 3 episode Finding Judas.  He is divorced from Alice's mother Edie. He was portrayed by actor Christopher Gartin.

During the time he has access, Rob takes Alice to an amusement park. She's afraid of the rides, but he manages to convince her to try one of them. However, on the ride, she starts screaming in pain. He rushes her to the hospital.

However, when Edie shows up as well, the first thing they do is get into an argument. When House wants to treat Alice for her gallstones by doing a cholecystectomy, Rob is all in favor of it, but Edie objects. House arranges a hearing and has Rob appointed sole medical proxy for Alice.

The gall bladder removal goes well, but doesn't solve all of Alice's problems.  When House wanted to try antibiotics, Rob objected because Alice's scratch tests had showed she had an allergy to everything and he was afraid of an anaphylactic reaction.

However, Edie agreed with the antibiotics and House tried to have another hearing to get her appointed as medical proxy. Unfortunately, the same judge showed up and decided to make Cuddy the medical proxy. One of the first things Cuddy had to do was throw both Rob and Edie out of Alice's room because their arguments were causing Alice too much stress.

Alice improved on antibiotics, but Rob was still afraid and decided to take Alice out of the hospital. He didn't get too far before her body went stiff and he rushed her back to the hospital.

Finally, Robert Chase realized Alice had erythropoietic protoporphyria. Cuddy had to explain to both Rob and Edie that they both gave Alice a copy of the faulty gene that caused the disease.

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