Name Dr. Richmond
Occupation Physician
Actor Dan Desmond
First Appearance Wilson's Heart

Dr. Richmond was Amber Volakis's attending physician at Princeton General after she was injured in the bus crash. He was seen in the episode Wilson's Heart and was portrayed by actor Dan Desmond.

He is seen explaining to House and Wilson that Amber is suffering from unexplained tachycardia. He explains that the tachycardia started well after her surgery for the injuries and that her heart rate was normal when she left the recovery room. House notes that the crash damaged her kidneys and the artery leading to them, but Richmond had thought of that and had put her on dialysis as well as having ensured the artery had been repaired. Her potassium levels had been checked. He had already administered adenosine and verapamil and placed a catheter into her pulmonary artery. She was scheduled for an angiography, but it would take an hour as there were more critical patients ahead of her.

House wanted to take her to Princeton-Plainsboro, but Richmond objected because her heart rate was 130 bpm. When House countered that she was hemodynamically stable, Richmond said he was the attending and House couldn't make that decision. House then told Richmond that Wilson was Amber's husband and he could make the decision to move her.