Rachel Kaplan
Name Rachel Kaplan
Marital Status Married to Joel Kaplan
Actor Natalie Shaw
First Appearance Babies & Bathwater

Rachel Kaplan is the mother of Olive Kaplan, a young clinic patient in Babies & Bathwater. Her husband is Joel Kaplan. She was portrayed by actress Natalie Shaw.

Rachel and Joel brought Olive to the clinic as she seemed very sick. Gregory House diagnosed Olive with pneumonia and malnutrition which he blamed on the fact that Olive had been put on a vegetarian diet. Olive and Joel promised to feed the baby a more varied diet and Dr. House was satisfied.

However, Lisa Cuddy called child services and Rachel and Joel were arrested for child neglect and Olive was put into protective care. They managed to make bail and begged Dr. House to take another look at Olive's case as the diet they had put Olive on had been recommended by a scientific nutritionist and Olive was always well fed.

Dr. House did further tests and found Olive had a serious underlying condition. The child's diet wasn't the cause of her low weight. He told Dr. Cuddy and the charges against Rachel and Joel were dropped and Olive was returned to them.

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