Quotes Edit

House: You're wearing that shirt for someone. Wilson: The health department. They frown on topless oncology. (Frozen)

House: An incredibly rare neurological symptom is boring? Am i in someone else's hallucination?

Doctor: Her heart won't stop racing, no ideal what's causing it. House: Sure it wasn't the bus that landed in her?

House and Amber are sitting in an empty bus. House: You're dead. Amber: Everybody dies. House: Am I dead? Amber: Not yet. House: I should be. Amber: Why? House: 'cause life shouldn't be random. This longing, misanthropic drug addict should die in bus crashes. The young do-gooders that love, get dragged out of their apartment in the middle of the night should walk away clean. Amber: Self-pity isn't like you. House: Branching out from self-loathing, self-destruction. pause Wilson is gonna hate me. Amber: You kinda deserve it. House: pause He's my best friend. Amber: I know. whispers What now? House: I'll stay here with you. Amber: Get off the bus. House: shakes head I can't. Amber: Why not? House: Because... Because it doesn't hurt here. I'm not... I don't want to be in pain. I don't want to be miserable. pause And I don't want him to hate me. Amber: Well, you can't always get what you want.

Amber raises her eyebrows in encouragement. House gives a nod and walks away.

House (To Stacy): So I'm the guy, but you want the other guy, who by definition can never be the guy.

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