Post-concussion syndrome





Headache, dizziness, photophobia, sensitivity to noise, irritability, anxiety, personality change, inattentiveness, loss of short term memory

Mortality Rate



Pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms, psychotherapy

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Post-concussion syndrome is a neurological condition which is comprised of a constellation of symptoms that remain after a head trauma has physically healed. These symptoms can last for months or years after the concussion.

Patients can suffer from a wide range of symptoms from the mild (headache, dizziness) to the severe (change in personality, loss of short term memory).

Treatment focuses on the symptoms that are presented. In addition to pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy can be useful for more severe cases.

Although the condition was first described in the 19th century, the precise cause of the condition, and why it appears in some people but not others, is still poorly understood. Although some risk factors have been identified (it is more common in women, the elderly, and people with other diseases) there is still debate about whether physical or organizational changes to the brain are more significant.

Post-concussion syndrome at Wikipedia

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