Portal vein thrombosis



Clot in the hepatic portal vein


Fever, gastritis, abdominal pain

Mortality Rate



Anticoagulants, shunt, surgery, liver transplant

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Portal vein thrombosis is a clot in the hepatic portal vein. It leads to high blood pressure in the vein and a reduction in blood flow to the liver.

Symptoms of the condition are prosaic, making it difficult to diagnose. These include fever and a feeling of indigestion that gradually progresses to abdominal pain. It can be caused by a number of conditions, most of which are related to the biliary tree such as pancreatitis, cirrhosis, diverticulitis or cholangiocarcinoma.

First line treatment is with blood thinners. The next line of treatment is surgery. In severe cases, a transplant may be necessary.

Portal vein thrombosis at Wikipedia

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