Name Dr. Pilcher
Occupation Dean of Medicine
Actor Tom Wright
First Appearance Guardian Angels
Dr. Pilcher was the first Dean of Medicine to interview Eric Foreman for a job after Foreman was fired from New York Mercy Hospital in the Season 4 episode Guardian Angels.  He was portrayed by actor Tom Wright.

Dr. Pilcher noted that Foreman's resume showed he only worked at Mercy for a month.  Foreman tried to put a good light on it, but Pilcher said he already knew that Foreman had been fired for going against medical protocol and giving radiation therapy to a patient without authorization.  Foreman realized he probably wasn't going to get the job and asked why Pilcher had interviewed him, and Pilcher said he thought he owed him at least an interview due to the strength of his resume, but said he didn't think he was worth hiring.

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